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School of Vision

Vision is a description of your ideal life in the future. It shows your intent to turn a dream into reality.

A compelling vision tells the world that you want to do more than just survive. It talks about your potential to affect the world and speaks of your commitment to making it happen.

Vision has the power to direct the course of your life, shape your purpose and give meaning to your existence. It points to the tasks and routines needed for success, which define the mission.


A clear vision helps you identify the people that will benefit from your efforts. Knowing whom you serve shapes how you serve.


Vision is a yardstick used to measure the progress made by the team. It constantly recalibrates the path you travel, correcting the course of action to align with your intended outcome. It ensures that you always move in the right direction to win the prize.


Having a clear destination shapes the attitudes or ethos of your vision, which in turn forms your identity. Vision defines the result and shapes who you become in the process of achieving it.


A definition: Vision identifies a need and calls on you to use your abilities to address that need, promising personal growth and development as you work to improve the world around you.

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Do you need a Vision Coach?

Do a quick self-evaluation on whether you should consult a vision coach or do the 100 Day Challenge.


Read the questions below:

  • Have you got a vision on hold, on ice, on a shelf?

  • Have you got a goal that you sometimes work on and then forget for a while?

  • Does it feel like your life, vision or business keeps changing directions?

  • Are you always looking for the next "big idea", the next "money maker" or the newest opportunity?

  • Do you struggle with personal value, life purpose or meaning of life?

  • Does your motivation fizzle out as you work on your objectives?

  • Are you easily distracted from your goals, purpose or objectives?

  • Do you constantly feel tired? Tired of work, love and life?


What the School of Vision offers

We have various programmes and interactions to help you and your business grow. These programmes will help you work on your business as much as you work in your business. 

I recommend becoming a member (it's free) and visit often to upgrade your ability and refine your skills. 


If you have a vision, you are a leader. 

The School of Vision offers development in the laws, principles, values and skills of leadership. The focus is on the person, becoming a person who can lead.


The School of Vision focuses on developing you to be wholly and authentically you so that you can be the leader you were meant to be. 


Vision Development

Tomorrow's Clarity, Today

TVision is the ability to see a fully developed and mature tree bearing fruit inside of the seed. It is the ability to see, explain, plan for and develop towards manifesting that tree in an efficient and exciting way. 

The School of Vision gives you what you need to understand vision so that you can develop your own Vision of Value. 

People Development

Your ability to work with people is critical as a business owner and as a leader. 

The School of Vision offers you the chance to practice your Team Development skills. There are many tools and programs to help you understand people, their needs and how to engage them in the fulfilment of the vision.  

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Inspiration and Guidance

The School of Vision offers free and paid programs, courses, talks and group activities to inspire and offer you vision guidance on your journey to greatness. 

We host events on Facebook, On the Website, Live and Zoom. Come Back and check the events page often to get your dose of inspiration and guidance. 

Skills and More

We have many programmes on offer, and the list grows weekly.

These programmes will help you shape the skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary to work in and on your business. 

Many of the programmes are free, and many are for members only. Invest in your ability to work on your business today.

Have a look at the available programmes by clicking this button:




We need your help!

We need your input!

To provide a service better suited to your needs, we are conducting a vision coach survey.


Please answer 16 questions anonymously to help us help you in a more efficient and professional manner

Thank you for your help!

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