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Our brain plays tricks on us all the time. It was designed to do that!

If we were consciously aware of all information our brain processes, we would go insane! It is soooo much!

So, your mind deletes, distorts and generalises all information it receives, causing you to lose some information along the way. We call these "blind spots." 

If you scored 83% reading just 6 words, imagine how low you would score in conversation, or worse yet - at work or while studying!

What is the Thinking Thumbprint?



Ben van Wetten

The Thinking Thumbprint highlighted my thinking strengths and blind spots. Now I plan, manage and relate differently to others, better.

Click the link below and discover why people are so happy using the Thinking Thumbprint in their personal and business lives...



Oh, what a tool!

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The Thinking Thumbprint is a tool to help us discover how we delete, distort and generalise information. This tool shows us our blind spots while communicating or collecting information about the world around us.

Understanding how the blind spots work will dramatically improve how you communicate. It will deepen your connection with the people around you. 

The Benefits of the
Thinking Thumbprint

Crossing the River
Motivational Speaker
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To know how you think allows you to plan, pursue and achieve those things that will naturally make you happy. 

Your approach to relationships, work, and success becomes clear when you understand who you are and why you do what you do. 



Knowing how people delete, distort and generalise allows you to structure your presentation in a way they will understand clearly. 

You and those communicating will understand each other better, which will result in a deeper connection. 



Understand who you are, develop a deep connection with those around you, to make your goal achievement strategy clear. 

How to motivate yourself and others become obvious. Planning and delegation are simpler. Teamwork becomes effortless, and it all starts with the Thinking Thumbprint



Once you have completed the Thinking Thumbprint quiz, you will get a report on how YOU delete, distort and generalise information as you process it. You will also get information on how to overcome your blind spots.

Studying at Home
Support Group

Thinking Thumbprint Basic

This option is a great way to discover how you delete, distort and generalise your perception of the world. 

This option allows for a soft introduction to thinking habits. It offers you simple development and awareness plans to improve your communication, understanding and connection. 

Thinking Thumbprint Pro

This option is suited to people interested to discover why they do what they do. You can apply that information to study methods, career options, sales tactics, people management and team development. 

You will discover how your brain deletes, distorts and generalises your perception of the world.  You will develop your communication skills, get a better understanding of others, and learn to make deeper connections with people.

Thinking Thumbprint Team

This option is similar to the Thinking Thumbprint Pro, but it allows multiple people to do the Thinking Thumbprint Quiz, and then directly compares results. 

With this option, you learn how thinking habits work, and you will also discover how to best relate to the people in your team. 

Awareness and Clarity

The Thinking Thumbprint reveals how people think, with strengths and blind spots included, and offers development plans to lessen the blind spots and ensure success,

Knowing how you think gives you the competitive edge when it comes to work, school and personal life. 


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Clarity, Focus & Connection

Knowing how people think allows you to understand what they want and how to meet that expectation. 

Make better deals - quicker. Motivate and engage staff with clarity and focus. Knowing how people think allows you to do business - smarter. 


Teenage Students Raising Hands

Understanding, Direction & Identity

"Who am I" and "where am I going "are the two big questions asked at school.

Although the Thinking Thumbprint gives a lot more, answers to these two questions are central to the Thinking Thumbprint offers made at the school level. 



Meaning, Wealth & Identity

"Who am I," "where am I going," and "how am I going to get there" are questions that never really leave us. 

As adults, we take these questions further and add - what is my role? 

The Thinking Thumbprint is the starting point to explore your uniqueness.


Take the quiz now and get your personalised Thinking Thumbprint report immediately when completed. 

This knowledge will change how you communicate with yourself and with others. 



Angela James

I highly recommend John and his Thinking Thumbprint. This is so much more than just another questionnaire. John is a Master Craftsman in supporting people through this work to play to their strengths. It is well worth the time spent on completing the questionnaire and even more, engaging with John in understanding your own uniqueness through what is your personal Thinking Thumbprint.

Become a
Thinking Thumbprint Coach

Moving You Forward

If you're interested in becoming a certified Thinking Thumbprint Coach or a Thinking Thumbprint Partner, please click the button below and send us a note. We will then forward you all the relevant information.

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