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Life Alignment

When the world in which we live invests everything it has to make you forget who you are, expressing your true identity is nearly impossible. Nearly! 

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Know Thyself

We all know that success requires work and effort. We are not always certain what that work and effort should be. 

John Usher, the host of this website, calls himself a teaspoon. He says that you have all that you need for life and godliness buried within you, it just needs stirring to be activated in your life. 

This stirring or activation is a self-discovery and an alignment process. You start by discovering your worth and then aligning your confidence, perspective and behaviour to that identity of value. 

This website, with all its tools, programs and events, serves to stir the greatness in you, offering assistance to align what's outside of you to what's inside of you.

A Rose by Another Name

Call it awareness, or call it consciousness. Call it personal development or call it a spiritual awakening. Whatever your term is for stirring the greatness in you - THE WORK STILL NEEDS TO BE DONE! 

The best intrinsic toll that each person has to ignite their personal development is Mind Mutter. Joining this website is saying yes to a journey of growth and development. Becoming a member of the Life Alignment program is a dedication to stirring the greatness that lies within you.


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